La Brioche Bakery

Panaderia Argentina

La Brioche Bakery

Panaderia Argentina

La Brioche Bakery

Panaderia Argentina

La Brioche Bakery

Panaderia Argentina

A La Brioche Bakery Argentina‘s Story

Before La Brioche Bakery Argentina opened in 2008, our neighborhood needed a change. We wanted something a little more interesting, and closer to home. What our little community lacked was an honest neighborhood café where people could meet, have a conversation, and sit down to have a taste of a different culture. By 2010 La Brioche had become that place we once dreamed of. We now bring you your favorite pastries, french bread, and more of our delicious heritage.

More than a Mission

At La Brioche Bakery our aim is to have you enjoy, along with your friends and family, a little quality time while having a taste of Argentinian culture.

At La Brioche Bakery, our goal is to offer a well-rounded menu of Argentina’s favorites. From delicious sweets for a morning breakfast to a fulfilling home-made dish for dinner, we strive to make every single item worthy of you wanting to come back for more!


Choripan: The Argentine Choripan consists of a sausage made out of beef and pork, hot off the grill, split down the middle, and served on a roll, topped with delicious fresh tomato slices, lettuce, mayo and the exquisite sauce called “Chimichurri” (chee-mee-choo-ree) – 6.25

Sandwich de Milanesa: The Milanesa is a breaded steak or chicken slice served in a sandwich with fresh lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese and mayo – Large: 8.25, Small: 7.25

Lomo Argentino: The Lomo is a steak sandwich served with lettuce, tomato, ham, cheese, mayo and a delicious egg omelette. (a choice of over-easy, sunny-side up is also available) – Large: 8.45, Small: 7.45

Al Plato

Lomo al Plato: Delicious, well-done steak, topped with a choice of fried eggs or an egg omelette, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato slices. Now served with fries or salad – 8.99, or as a single entrée for 8.49

Milanesa a Caballo: Sunny-side up egg, riding horseback (a caballo) on a breaded steak or chicken, seasoned with lemon drops, served with French fries – 8.99, or as a single entrée for 8.49

Milanesa A la Napolitana: Tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a slice of ham atop a breaded steak, Napolitan style. Now served with fries or salad – 8.99, or as a single entrée for 8.49


Ñoquis: Flour based potato dumplings topped with our home-made red sauce “estofado” seasoned with beef steak chunks and parmesan – 8.99

Ravioles: Pasta-like dumplings filled with meat or cheese. Served with our home-made red sauce, ‘estofado’ and parmesan – 8.99

Canelones: Argentine style crepes filled with a choice of either ground beef and spinach or ricotta cheese and spinach, also topped with our home-made red sauce “estofado,” and served with a side of parmesan.


Fountain drinks (free refills) – 1.50

Can of Soda1.00

Soda Bottles – 500 mL: 1.90, 355 mL: 1.50

Water Bottle.80

Tropicana Juices, apple or orange – 1.00

Capri Sun.80


Red Bull3.50


Te/Mate Cocido1.30

Coffee: Made by our Nescafe Coffee Dispenser with a choice of: Latte, Cappuccino, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Mocha, Black Coffee, or Hot Chocolate. Shots of Espresso also available.

Small – 2.50

Medium – 3.50

Large – 4.50

*Customers are welcome to bring their own Mate Equipment

Daily Raffle

At the end of every day, around closing time, we like to do a raffle for some of the pastries that have been left over. Customers get a chance to participate every time they make a purchase. Customers will receive a ticket to write down their name and phone number then put it in our raffle box. At the end of the day, around 30 minutes before close, we randomly choose a customer to pick out the winning ticket. We then call the winner. They then have to answer the phone call and be able to come pick up the same night, (there are some exceptions if not able to pick up same night). The winner then has until close to come pick up their prize. The prize is about a $25.00 value. They receive a bag full of pastries and different breads.

Sandwich de miga

Ham & Cheese w/mayo, double 4.99

Ham & Cheese w/mayo, triple5.77

Privamera (lettuce, tomato, ham & cheese, mayo) – 5.99


*Beef, Chicken, or Ham & Cheese

Dozen 25.00

½ dozen12.50

Single – 2.50


Cheese 7.50





*All toppings11.99
*cheese, ham, red pepper, tomato, egg, anchovies and green olives

Pizza Slices

Completa: ham, egg, tomato, olives, and red pepper – 2.25

Especial: ham, red pepper, and olives – 2.00

Cheese only – 1.75

Lunch/Dinner Combos

Sandwich de Milanesa/Lomito Sandwich + French Fries + 1 Fountain Drink – 9.99

Choripan Sandwich + French Fries + 1 Fountain Drink – 7.99

Raviolis, Ñoquis, or Canelones + 1 slice of Flan + 1 Fountain Drink – 9.99

1 Pizza (any toppings) + 4 soda cans – 9.99

2 Empanadas, 2 Pizza Slices or 1 of each + 1 soda can – 3.99

Churrasco + 1 Side of Fries/Ensalada Russa + 1 Fountain Drink – $14.99

Lomo al Plato + 1 Side of Fries + 1 Fountain Drink – $9.99

Milanesa a Caballo: 1 Side of Fries + 1 Fountain Drink – $9.99

Milanesa Napolitana + 1 Side of Fries + 1 Fountain Drink – $9.99


Mate Cocido or Te + 3 Facturas or Tortitas5.75

Small Coffee + 2 Facturas/Tortitas5.75

Medium Coffee + 3 Facturas/Tortitas6.75

Large Coffee + 4 Facturas/Tortitas7.75

Tostados/Carlitos: Grilled ham and cheese sandwich with mayo – 2.50/each

Tostados/Carlitos Combo: 2 Tosatos/Carlitos + Medium Coffee/Submarino – 6.75


Kids’ Menu

Main Item: Mac’n Cheese or 8 piece Nuggets + Side: Apple Slices or Banana Circles + Drink: Capri Sun or Orange Juice – 5.99

Imported Products:

We have a vast variety of imported products so don’t forget to take a look at this section and take home some of Argentina’s most popular brand items!!

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La Brioche Bakery

Panaderia Argentina


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